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25€ / Year
My schedule does not allow me to make time for the association. However, I would like to contribute and keep myself informed of the association's news.
25€ / Year
I pay my membership of €25 by transfer, credit card or check payable to “ASPIC” By voluntarily agreeing to participate in the organization of our actions in favor of heart failure patients as well as in communication and collection events of funds, I explicitly acknowledge that I am not linked to the association by any employment contract, nor am I even remotely under its control or responsibility. My missions, not exhaustive, can be entrusted to me.
Accompany patients and their companions to sporting events and/or to the hospital
Hold an information stand, with sale of goodies, raffle
Promote the association
Be part of the organization of an action (reception, etc.)
Carry out administrative tasks
I would like to show solidarity with the actions carried out by the Association by contributing financially.
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